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Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2015

See how 85% of Critical MS vulnerabilities can be mitigated by removing admin rights.

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See how Defendpoint protects you from cyber attacks. Now available for Windows and Mac.

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Avecto's endpoint security solution mentioned by Gartner

Gartner references Avecto and its Defendpoint software in its recent endpoint security research.


Revolutionary endpoint security software
that unites IT and end users

What can Defendpoint do for me?

Defendpoint is Avecto's revolutionary endpoint security software that protects your business from today's advanced threats. By combining Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing in one integrated solution, you achieve simple yet holistic defense in depth.

Why go proactive with security?

With traditional security solutions such as antivirus only effective half of the time, it's time to stand up to today's advanced threats. Tackle cyber attacks, malware, insider threats, Windows vulnerabilities and malicious software from one single security suite that keeps you a step ahead.

How does it defend against advanced attacks?

Defendpoint takes a revolutionary 1,2,3 approach to endpoint security. First, remove admin rights from users, cutting over 90% of Critical vulnerabilities reported by Microsoft. Second, grant users the flexibility to access the tools they need to remain productive, with pragmatic yet effective whitelisting. Finally, Sandboxing adds a last line of defense against unknown threats.

Combine three proactive technologies
for defense in depth, made simple.

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